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Fr. Benjamin Davis – Director and President

Fr. Davis is a pastor, chaplain, and author, and in general, just loves being a priest and bringing people to Jesus Christ.

Alexandra Rodriguez – Director of Catholic-Link Org.

When not creating cherished moments with her children or working as a director at Catholic-Link, Alexandra indulges in sweets and relishes date nights with her husband.

Jessica Thompson – Social Media Director

Jessica earned her Marketing Degree from Auburn University in 2017 and has been active in the field ever since. She cherishes her role as a Catholic wife to her husband Adam and as a mother to their daughter. Jessica finds joy in reading, jogging, and contributing to our Social Media Efforts to spread the gospel.

Emily Carter – Board Member and Co-Founder

Emily completed her Master’s in Institutional Church Communications in Rome, Italy, igniting her passion for all facets of evangelization.

Samantha Patel – Partnership and Talent Manager

Before joining Catholic-Link, Emily dedicated ten years to parish ministry, serving communities in both Illinois and Texas. Her focus was primarily on supporting middle schoolers and their families. Emily holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and Catechetics with a specialization in Youth Ministry, as well as a Master’s degree in Theology with a focus on Apologetics. She delights in indulging in deep-dish pizza, chasing the vibrant hues of autumn, lounging on soft grass in 70-degree weather, and the earthy scent of unfinished basements. She and her husband make their home in Wisconsin.

Olivia Johnson – Digital Small Groups Director

Olivia Seraphin is a Haitian-American who has dedicated 27 years of her life to serving the Catholic Church in diverse roles. She resides in Hampton, Virginia, alongside her husband Anderson, and their two children, Therese and Alex. Although originally from New York, Olivia spent three transformative years discerning religious life with the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal in the Bronx. There, she cultivated a profound commitment to serving those experiencing material and spiritual poverty, while also nurturing a deep passion for evangelization efforts. Olivia’s life’s mission revolves around facilitating intimate encounters between the people of God and Our Lord.

Sophia and Alexander Mitchell – Catholic-Link YouTube Directors

Sophia and Alexander Mitchell are fervently dedicated to empowering and mentoring leaders in the New Evangelization by exemplifying vibrant Catholic lives and illuminating the world with light and truth. Alexander serves as an Air Force fighter pilot and holds a Master’s degree in Moral Theology, while Sophia, an Air Force veteran, specializes in Marriage and Family Counseling with a Master’s degree. They cherish their family life with their three remarkable children and find joy in activities like skiing, and rock climbing, and embrace their faith wholeheartedly.

Fr. James Atkinson – Catholic-Link Podcast Director

Fr. James is a pastor, podcaster, and an avid enthusiast of all things nerdy. He is deeply passionate about teaching and exploring the intricacies of the Faith within the context of modern society.

Chloe Williams – Long-time author and Contributor to Catholic-Link Org.

Chloe Williams, a graduate of Franciscan University, hails from northern Illinois. She finds solace in daily rosary and mass, delights in her husband’s puns, and is deeply grounded in the truth of God’s Love and His plan for our lives. Chloe prioritizes her faith and family above all else.