Five Effective Ways to Practice Pro-Life Values

The recent overturning of Roe v Wade marks a pivotal moment in history, signaling a call to action for all who cherish and protect life. In this critical juncture, the Church is called to be a beacon of love, compassion, and encouragement, especially for those facing unexpected or unplanned pregnancies. But where do we begin? How do we shift the cultural narrative and foster a society that values and affirms life at all stages?

Six Ways to Live Out Pro-Life Values

1. Respect Mothers

Show support and compassion for mothers at every stage of motherhood, whether it’s a simple act of kindness or a heartfelt gesture of appreciation.

2. Know About Support Services

Familiarize yourself with local and national resources for expectant mothers, such as Pregnancy Resource Centers and organizations like Catholic Charities and National Right to Life, and share this vital information with those in need.

3. Volunteer at Pregnancy Centers

Offer your time and skills to support Pregnancy Resource Centers through volunteering or donations, enabling them to provide essential services and care to expectant mothers.

4. Host a Diaper Drive

Organize a community diaper drive to collect essential baby items for donation to Pregnancy Resource Centers, demonstrating the generosity and compassion of your community.

5. Become a Mentor with Leap for Joy, Inc

Join a virtual mentorship program like Leap for Joy, Inc., providing emotional support and encouragement to expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy journey and beyond.

6. Responding with Love

In a politically charged climate, it’s essential to approach the issue of abortion with love and compassion, following the example of St. Theresa. By showing love and support to women facing unplanned pregnancies, we can truly make a difference and uphold the sanctity of human life. The time is now for the Church to answer the call to protect and defend life in all its forms.

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