Married Couples Ministry

The mission of the Married Couples Ministry at Spirit Temple Bible Church (STBC) is to fortify marriages using biblical principles, illuminate the roles of husbands and wives in God’s divine order, and underscore the significance of family within the church community.

At STBC, our aim isn’t merely good marriages; we aspire for greatness in every union. We believe that when marriages are just “good,” couples may settle for mediocrity. Our goal is to equip couples with the tools and inspiration needed to strive for greatness in their marriages.

Through marriage enrichment courses and bi-monthly fellowship activities, we provide opportunities for couples to strengthen their relationships and foster deeper connections. These resources are available to all married couples, fostering a supportive and nurturing environment for marital growth and enrichment.

All About the Ministry

The goal of the Married Couples Ministry at STBC is to address the needs of both spouses, fostering stronger and more resilient marriages. Through our efforts, we aim to empower couples to navigate life’s challenges and fulfill God’s purpose for their lives together.

Ministry Purpose

The STBC Married Couples Ministry is dedicated to cultivating Godly marriages by offering resources for enhancing communication and fostering intimacy. We prioritize helping couples understand each other’s unique love languages, ensuring that husbands and wives feel loved and valued in ways that resonate with them individually.

Ministry Mission

Fellowship: Strengthening bonds between couples and fostering mutual learning.

Prayer: Establishing genuine intimacy through heartfelt communication with God. We gather to lift up our marriages in prayer.

Workshops: Tackling significant marital challenges head-on. These workshops offer practical strategies to enrich and fortify marriages.

Why Join Us?

Marriage originates from God, who has a unique purpose and design for each union. He calls couples to unite as one, mirroring the relationship between Jesus and the church. Strong marriages not only provide a solid foundation for children but also serve as a powerful example in passing on the legacy of Christ-like love to future generations.

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