Pro-Life Books to Check Out this 2024

Here are some of the best pro-life books that you should read this 2024:

Children’s Pro-life Books

Angel in the Waters: Regina Doman crafts a touching tale about an unborn baby and its special companion, highlighting the sanctity of life even before birth.

Love You Forever: Robert Munsch weaves a heartwarming story illustrating the enduring love between a mother and her son throughout life’s journey.

Rechenka’s Eggs: Patricia Polacco’s charming book showcases the value of life through the bond between an elderly woman and a rescued goose, while also offering a delightful exploration of Catholic iconography in its illustrations.

Pro-life Books for Older Children

The Giver: Lois Lowry’s poignant novel explores the importance of life and the consequences of unchecked evil within society.

The Hunger Games Series: Suzanne Collins’ gripping series portrays a dystopian world where the government dehumanizes its citizens, prompting readers to reflect on the value of human life.

Pro-life Books for Adults

The Anti-Mary Exposed: Carrie Gress delves into the concept of an anti-Mary spirit and its role in undermining lives through toxic femininity.

Persuasive Pro-Life: Trent Horn provides essential guidance on effectively discussing pro-life issues, offering valuable insights for engaging in meaningful conversations.

Subverted: Sue Ellen Browder shares her personal journey regarding contraception and abortion, shedding light on their integration into the women’s movement and their impact.

Church Documents

Evangelium Vitae: Pope John Paul II’s powerful encyclical reaffirms the Church’s unwavering stance on life issues, emphasizing the sacredness and dignity of every human life.

Humanae Vitae: Pope Paul VI’s prophetic encyclical addresses contraception, sterilization, and abortion, foreseeing their profound effects on society and reaffirming the Church’s teachings on the sanctity of life.

The Ultimate Pro-Life Book

The Holy Bible: Scripture abounds with pro-life messages, affirming the value of every human life from conception to natural death. The incarnation of Jesus, from conception in Mary’s womb to birth, underscores the inherent worth of the unborn and the significance of every individual’s life journey. Spending time with the Bible reaffirms the sanctity of life in all its forms, reminding us of the value of every person, including the unborn, the disabled, the elderly, and ourselves.

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